Is she losing excitement/is she just loosing interest in me or am I doing something wrong?

So the girl im interested in is 18 im 20 and we've talked about getting into a relationship on our 2nd date and she said she wouldn't mind having a bf into college, im kinda new to the dating game. Since then she responds to my text the same day and usually i try to keep well are 10 text message if i havnt talked to her in a couple of days. We use to text more constantly but I've slowed down abit so we had more to talk about when i do text her but what am i doing right and what am i doing wrong if i want to progress things and by the way we have talked on the phone a few times ( 1st time 15 min , 2nd and 3rd time was 5min or so to schedule a date and chatted briefly).


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  • A girl at her age will be a very unsteady girlfriend.

    Basically, she is going from high school to college. Her world will open up when she's on campus. She will see endless numbers of hot guys in classes - moreso than the limited selection of geeks in high school.

    It is during the first year of college that existing boyfriends and new boyfriends are prone to what's known as the Turkey Dump. I told my girlfriend's younger brother about it just as he entered university and sure enough, 2 months later, he got dumped.

    I suspect this girl you're interested in will be eyeing other men for the first 6 months of college at least. You better bring your A-game to compete, but really, this is the time when girls often sleep around a lot. I know a few girls who slept with over 5 guys in their first year. They were not party girls, nor were they skanks. These were A+, 99% top percentile students who just loved sex.

    It might not be worth your time to chase after her at this period. Keep a close eye on her behavior to find any hints of what she's thinking.

    • alright thanks man , ill keep that in mind

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