I never had a guy beg me to be his girlfriend? Never had a guy worry about where we stand?

I feel like I live in a whole another world when it comes to dating. My friends all have experienced the guy telling them that they either date them or they won't put up with hanging around without a title. Whereas with me, I'm the one running around gripping any chance I can get for him to slightly consider it. It's always been this way. I'm 21 never been in a serious relationship and we date the same type of guys so it's not that. I just always see guys worrying, talking, posting statuses about girls and never once have I been given the attention. Even guys that I talk to or more like "try to get a relationship out of" end up posting statuses about their exes and over look me. I don't think I'm ugly. Or maybe I've been told that to other guys to get in my pants and maybe I've been in denial with myself. But what is the deal why can't I be treated like a normal girl? Even the girls with the most relationship problems get attention. Why am I so overlooked? Is anyone else experiencing this...


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  • Worrying about "where one stands", can be a turn off from either sex. Insecurity and low self esteem tend to reward itself in kind. That's not meant to be cruel sounding but actual advice that I often need to follow myself many times. Your ultimate happiness should not be decided by how anyone else cares to define you. If it does, than you are leaving your happiness, or lack thereof, in someone else's hands. Someone, who if they are healthy, will be concerned with their own happiness. Not that the two can't overlap.

    • I totally get that. And I'm just curious to know why I've never had a normal life like any other girl. I don't let a relationship define me or a future one but it happens so often that I need to stop and think what's going on.. I want to know what I'm lacking or if I'm not the only one and I think that's perfectly normal.

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  • As a guy i can tell that i have a bad habit of pleading my feelings too early and being too serious about the person im seeing... AND TRUTH BE TOLD... it never ends well...(she) always grows cold and distant because of it...


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