Guys how long do you usually wait to make things "official"?

Guys:How long do you usually wait to officially make someone your girlfriend?
Girls: how long do you think it should be before you guys become "official"? how long is too long to wait?


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  • A long time, I'm not interested in getting into a relationship with a girl until I know her inside out and know that she's girlfriend material and not somebody who's not compatible with me or worse gunna be that "psycho ex". Time reveals most things, so I use it to my advantage, and after a long period of waiting to see if she's "the one" then I'd look to make it official.

    Like 3-6 months minimum (yeah, I said minimum.)

    • Wow!

    • thats a long time. Nothing wron with it i just know that for a woman by then we start to wonder if it ever going to happen

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  • guys we rush things soo unless we like her... as as we like her we try to make things offical before the girl loses interest or friendzones us hahaha...

    • so how long do you usually wait would you say?

    • if i like her a lot ill wait like two weeks to see if she likes me lol

    • Okay thanks!

  • i would wait from 2 weeks to 1 month depending who she is


What Girls Said 1

  • After 1 day

    • 1 date and you think you should be a couple?

    • I don't date people I'm not very serious about and guys who ask me out don't ask me out until a long chase.

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