Do you think he is interested in more than "casual"?

Hey there! If you're reading this I would very much appreciate your opinion on my current situation. This might be a little long, but bear with me. I am now 20 and the guy in question is 28.

The summer after my first year of university I was 18 and decided to take a summer class. I met a guy in the class and we kind of flirted/it was obvious I was interested. After the exam I invited him over for a smoke (of weed) and he agreed. On the way to my place he mentioned in a passing comment that he had a girlfriend and I immediately switched into "okay just friends" mode. He ended up awkwardly leaving after like 10 mins and then we emailed a couple times throughout the year but we never hung out. (Which he later said was because he thought he wouldn't have stopped something had it happened.)

Fast forward to now. Over reading week (in February) he emailed me for the first time in over a year telling me he was working on his masters and wondered if I wanted to grab lunch and catch up. I agreed and we went out basically like friends a few times. He had broken up with his gf of 4 years in December because she had moved across the country. And I had just broken up with my bf of 1.5 years when he had emailed me.

We hooked up twice in May and after the second time we were talking and he said he wanted to be friends and take things slow and casually "for now." Then I left a couple days later for a month and a half. We texted over that time and he would say things like I miss you and how he wanted to get to know me and making plans for when I'm back.

I just don't know if he might consider me like someone he wants to have a potential relationship with, or he just wants me around because I'm 20 and "hot." And also, I myself am a little iffy about the age difference. I do think I'm different than other girls my age (not so much into the alcohol/bar/omg I'm so pretty scene, more into the spiritual/psychedelic lifestyle)…. but it is still an 8 year difference.

The thing that makes me think he might consider moving past casual friends is that he is driving 6 hours to come pick me up from where I am and go camping with me for the weekend. But then again, maybe that's because the sex was really good hahaha
So let me know what you think :)


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  • I stopped reading after "I am now 20 and the guy in question is 28" most guys in their late 20s aren't looking to date a 20 year old, the maturity gap is simply too big, at that age he's starting life and at your age you're just preparing for it. Most 28 year old guys however will still sleep with a girl your age, just not date.

    So most likely yeah, he's looking for something casual, but that's just a general rule and their are exceptions so you never know, just don't expect too much from this.

  • I don't think your age difference is big. And the camping trip should really clarify things. But prior to the camping trip, it sounds like he wanted free weed and then sex. A whole lot of guys will have sex with a twenty year old without any obligations if given the chance. Hell, I'll come smoke your weed and have sex with you right now! What about hanging out without sex or weed? if he's not up for it, you've got your answer.


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