Not sure what to do need good advice?

I asked this girl a couple days ago if she wanted to grab coffee sometime and she said yes.

We talked for a minute after and she is quite busy this week and will let me know when we can go for coffee. Saw her today and she mentioned she was busy all weekend (said this to a group of people so it wasn't directed at me) but never mentioned anything about going out for coffee in person or over text.

I'm wondering if I should call her tomorrow and try and schedule a day to get together? I might see her in person in between one of my classes so I could ask her there too instead off calling.

Or should I just wait and let her text me?

And lastly do you think she is still interested? She seemed to act differently today than any other time I have seen (usually she is talking a lot but she was quite quiet today) and it almost looked like she was trying to not look at me (she looked over at me multiple times throughout class before I asked her to go out for coffee).

I'm on the fence between she is possibly nervous about going out or she just doesn't care at all and was leading me on earlier.


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  • I think if you know she is a busy girl that you should wait for her. Maybe she is a little shy and really likes you. I wouldn't read much in between the lines on this one though. Just continue to be yourself and talk to her during or in between classes. Maybe one of the times you are talking if you sense she is being what you consider her normal self just mention how you went out with a friend for coffee and talked about how great the weather has been lately (or bad... whatever it's like lately where you both are.) and maybe she'll mention going for coffee. Don't push though I think. I hope this helps. Cheers :D


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  • Sounds like she's expecting you to follow up. She's still keen but probably confused about your intentions (romantic, friends, etc) given that it hasn't been mentioned again.
    Ask her again when she'd like to get that coffee.


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  • I think you're better off trying to figure out an exact time/place in person because you'll be able to read her reaction better that way.

    I had the same sort of situation and it ended up being that she was already dating someone BUT I'm very glad I took the initiative and followed up because if I didn't I would've kept wondering if she was waiting for me to ask again or what. good luck

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