So I meet someone new but she kind of works with ex, any thoughs?

so last week I went to place where ex works in the hope of talking to her but instead meet this other girl. a connection seems to have developed with this other girl and she seems a lot more interested in me than ex does at moment. our conversations seem a lot more genuine and I feel she actually likes talking to me. where is ex seems more interested in alcohol or some hot guy at bar.

but I realise this is all very weird and the fact they work together is an issue , my ex would also have authority over her at work as she is higher up there. I'm not dating either of them or done anything sexual with either for a while. me and ex haven't really been together for a while but are still sort of friends and she each other at local bars often.

I don't know this new girl has potential but I wonder if I see her as more of a friend and less of a potential gf but I admit I'd be ok with dating her if she was interested but if she wasn't it wouldn't hurt me , I was really hurt when things with ex fell apart cause I loved her and still do have a lot of feelings for her.

anyways I find this whole thing really weird and not sure how to move forward but likely see a lot of these girls this summer so there is potential for something more


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  • Your ex will trash that

    • what do you mean? she is going to try and ruin things? she already told the people there I was only there to see her and that I follow her around yet this girl keeps talking to me and seems interested but yeah she could be type to try and cause trouble and doubt she'd be cool with it

    • I think she'll try to ruin it before it gets started

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  • Your ex might have sent that girl there to test you or tempt you. Don't date her. Either date your ex or date an attractive girl that you meet somewhere else - somebody who doesn't know your ex.

    • the problem is its a small town and she seems to know a lot of the girls I would find interesting and want to date , there isn't going to be many girls who don't know her at all

    • Even so - if she is working under your ex - she can get in trouble with her boss for being related to you in some way.

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