So much communication and then nothing?

So this may seem like a no brainer "he's just not that into you" thing. But here it goes. There's been this guy in my circle of friends that I have kind of stayed away from because I knew he was the kind of guy that I would fall for, and he probably wouldn't feel the same. I don't really see myself as his type.
But as everyone in the group has been growing closer, I decided to get to know him better and asked him out for lunch. We talked for 3 hours, then he asked me to go with him to get some groceries. I was like "wow, we actually get along pretty well" But i didn't think too much of it. Oh and whenever I suggested we go from lunch (cuz i wasn't sure if he wanted to be there), he kept saying he wanted to stay and talk.
Now here is one of the reasons i'm apprehensive about this guy, he has stated that he has a history of leading girls on. He has told everyone this, and that he is working on it.
Okay so the days following lunch, we would sporadically text. Then we started texting everyday. Then he called me the day before I left for a 4 week long trip to Japan. I though, "oh thats nice, but a little tooo nice, maybe he likes me..." Then he insisted that he would call me at the airport before I got on the plane. When he called we talked for an hour at least, each time. Then at the airport he told me to check my email and tell me everthing that was happening. So when I got to japanl, I did. We emailed every day for 6 days, and with the timezones i was like 12 emails altogether in 6 days. and they were nice long ones. So then all of a sudden, no more emails... I don't know what has happened. What do you guys think of all this? did he ever like me? does he? what is going on? This guy is a total gentleman too.


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  • i think he's intrested in you but you never started talking to him, i mean he was the one who always called you first, correct me if im wrong. just try to call him and see whats going on.


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