I'm madly in love with a guy, I ruined things with him 3 years ago and now I will NEVER see him again. Don't know what to do. Never felt this way?

There was this guy I knew at work. I do not work there. I'm 22 years old and started working there at age 16. He (let's call him g) was one of the only people that started talking to me. I was eating lunch in the staff room and he came to talk to me. We are 4 ish years apart. Anyways I didn't think anything of it. When I was around 17 or 18 we started to be more friendly and I would talk to his friend too. I had no feelings at all. We would just joke around. We never chilled outside of work. I alway saw both as friends. When I was 18 I was talking to this guy. Let's call this guy N. I had a lot of feelings for this n guy. We related on a lot of levels. It was nice. He played me out. I was heartbroken. I would cry at work, and one of my girl co workers asked what's wrong and I was so mad and sad I started yelling to her. She told G and his friend. G would flirt with me sometimes, but it wasn't nothing I really thought of. When my friend told him g seemed to show more interest. Randomly we would talk about the type of people weime to date. Well he never told me that much but he was too curious about mine. He doesn't fit my type in looks or personality. He knows that and he would call me shallow and a bitch. I would show him guys on my phone or from Facebook and he got really angry and said I don't care to look at those men and slammed something on the table. He would brag about going to work out and look at me. Whenever he would talk to someone he would look at me. Fast foward a little. I started to get really upset about my interest for him and kind of how he would call me shallow. I started to ignore him. He would always look upset and his friends would grill me and give me dirty looks. I kept on ignoring him and he got a girlfriend like two months later. Before he got a gf he was trying to brag about how he had a date to his friend but was looking at me the whole te to see how I would react. He got silent, smiled at me. When he got a gf he would put it in my face.

When I was w/my manager she called him over cuz I was asking her for hair advice. She thinks I hate him. She said should she dye her hair blonde. He said she should do w/e she wants. But MY GIRLFRIEND of SIX MONTHS just went natural. Making It known
Also when he was w/ his gf for awhile he would state how he didn't love her, how he would basically use her in front of other people. He went through my phone, at least tried too. 3 years later they're still together. Engaged. It's killing me


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  • Complicated question... if I understand it right you won't see him again. Well time to move on, things are what they are. Don't over think things and you will find another guy.

  • Well think you have to make sure he knows how you really feel.


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