Is it too much if I tell him I miss him even tho I just told him this morning?

The guy I'm talking to is getting back this weekend from Afghanistan, and he said yesterday was his last day of work. I messaged him this morning around 10 saying I missed him and can't wait to see him and I'll talk to him soon, but I don't expect to hear from him until he's home. I watched Catfish: the TV Show and it made me sad lol. Now I want to send him another message saying I miss him and care about him because I'm in a sentimental mood, but I don't wanna over do it. We say it to each other a lot, but things have seemed a little different since last week. Do guys get annoyed when girls send these messages? If I sent 2 in 1 day would that be too much?


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  • There is a saying that if you say something to many times, it loses it's meaning and effect.

    When I missed my crush during the holidays, I texted him once saying "I actually really miss you." and he sent back, "I miss you too." It gave me butterflies receiving that. To send another message saying I miss him after a few more weeks would just lose the effect of the first message. I only told him how much I missed him again when I hugged him when we went to the movies.

    You shouldn't say it until you see him again in person :)

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