Do you think this date is going okay? Or am I messing up big time?

I am dating a guy I don't see often. So far maybe once a month. I asked the first time. meeting was good, walked around, got to know ea. other a bit. then dinner. hug and gone.
He continue contact daily, we have good text/chat. After two weeks, i finally asked, he was delighted and gave me his open weekend schedule. I had to cancel because of my children. I made plans with him again. We met, but I was 30 minutes late (a good reason). He was okay but we only went to the park because he brought his dog. I felt bad and felt things seem differrent since. He didn't text me as frequently as before.
Then I had to move, didn't see him and didn't have daily contact like before. I decided to contact him after I got settled into my apt. He was happy and said he is interested to go out with me again and figured i was busy with my move. Then asked me out. He planned two nice restuarants for me to pick.
Date went well. This seem more like a first date. Brunch, walked around the park. Told me a lot more about himself. Date was 8 hours. He invited me to his place. We made out.
I think everything seem good. However, my issue here is, I dont feel like the one to ask him out everytime. How can I get him to ask me out?

I am not very experience with dating, do you think this is going well so far? Any suggestions would be great.


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  • Who paid for who on the dates?

    • He paid the first time and seemed very interested. However, after i cancelled once, then late once... then didn't see or contact for two weeks.. things seem to picked up after i recontacted him... he said he has to go to a bday party.. i told him was my bday.. he said we have to do something and asked me out... we met and it was great!!! he paid for my bday... we did all that i said above... i felt really comfortable with him and hung out at his place... told me a lot about himself...
      he seemed very caring and interested... but i suppose the sex changed everything... he didn't pressure me... i wanted to stop but couldn't... asked if its too soon... i said it takes two... so to not blame him...

      but now i dont know... we have text contact daily.. he make most of the contact. but do i ask him out again? i have my children most of the time and he is aware... so i dont know if this may turn him away...

    • You should ask him out if you are comfortable doing so. He is interested. And if he has already been made aware that you are a single parent, he understands your position.

    • things didn 't work out :-( ... i jumped too fast.

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