As a guy, what would you say to this?

"In response to what you said forever ago (as you should know by now, it takes me a minute to process stuff and then say something of substance about it) I don't want friendship anymore. That night that we last talked wasn't really about friendship, it was about hooking up. That's all any of this has been about. Like you said, we have history and that history caused me to act the way that I have acted but to be honest, I like your attention. I like sending you snaps and pictures and flirting. I like hooking up with you and I'm cool with it not being more than that. I miss you, in that respect, and I don't want to go back to any previous state we have been in- I want to start over. Let's just try a new approach. No drama. No involving friends or other people in our shit... let's just keep it between us, for real. I don't want to not have you in my life, even though I know we aren't on the same level that we would be on had we not hooked up. But If you really want nothing to do with me anymore and really are done, though, that's fine, also. "


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