What does it mean when a girl does this?

I met this girl for about 7-8 months and we’ve been talking and seeing each other ever since. We got kind of close during the past 2 months and I told her that I like her very much and she said the same. However, we’re not in a committed relationship so we’re just friends.

She’s a very attractive girl and I found out a guy is chasing after her. I told her about my jealousy and she told me I have nothing to worry about and I shouldn’t be feeling jealous at all. She told me she doesn’t see that guy or other guys the same way she does towards me.

We got into a small fight last night about the guy because I was encouraging her to consider that guy if it means happiness for her. I even told her I would be ok if she wants to talk to him and even consider stepping aside for her happiness. She got really angry with me and told me she doesn’t like him at all and doesn’t even consider him a friend. She got really upset and told me if I continue to say this then she’ll consider him and grant me my wish.

So.. why did she behave and react in such a way?


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  • Because she likes you, which she told you. Why don't you make the move in regards to having a monogamous relationship with her. Sounds like that's what she's waiting for. Instead what you said sounds like a cop out to see other people.


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