Great first date, but now it feel awkward… help!?

so i went on a really good first date we talked laughed heaps i felt it went really well 2 hours he told his friends how he had a date, he even mentioned how he would take me to this place to try something he walked me to my car and we kissed on the cheek to say goodbye with all smiles we both seemed really happy, he walked away said ill call you

i txted the next day about something because he told me to view something online on our date so i did and he asked my thoughts about it

a few more days go by, i said how i enjoyed our date and we should do this again but next time my shout he said yes but couldn't let me possibly pay! i replied with alright sounds good let me know what day your free

a few more days roll by i invite him out but he had a family party on but didn't offer an alternative day, but asked how my weekend was

a few more days roll by we message once a day he'll reply really slow now
i felt he's being a little cold but this is just through messages so its hard to tell

and now i just feel like an annoyance holding onto something that I'm not actually going to get a second date its been 2 weeks
i don't want to come off annoying or needy because I'm not I'm more annoyed at the fact of saying yes to a second and then treating me off just be honest and say "hey had a great time but this won't happen again"
should i just give up? forget about it, or play the waiting game.. but is the waiting game gone have i blown it already? should i call him? I'm just confused what to do
I'm over first dates.


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  • wait for him to take the initiative, when he feels he's losing you he'll be back fast, nobody wants a desperate person. He could also be actually busy with a low amount of time.

    Maybe he has had bad experiences in the past which make him act this way, take it slow and easy, no rushing.

    Give it time, don't text him for like 4-5 days (DO REPLY WHEN HE TEXTS YOU) if he does not text you within this period, text him to tell him you are no longer willing to go on the date (even tho you prob still want 2) from that point he has to take the iniative, and most certainly will if he likes you :)

    • thank you great advice! ill take it on and let you know what happens! no messaging now since our convo we had today starting now.

    • great :) I wish you the best of luck, you can always message me for more advice

  • If I were you, I wouldn't text him first again. You've shown your interest, now it's up to him to ask you out again.


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