My fuck buddy tells people he fucked me and he lives in my neighborhood?

I recently started to ignore his calls and text because I feel like a whore for having a friends with benefits and He started catching feelings... I know that because he said he loves me
he lives in my neighborhood and i alway see him but never talk to him,
The other day i was walking to school and he was with his friends and one of his friends whispered "here comes your girl" or something like that... I dont even know them thats means he's been talking about me!
Am i a bad person for ignoring him? Do you think im hurting him? And why the fuck would he talk about me with his friends...


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  • He's going to talk to his buddys cause that's what guys do. But ignoring him isn't cool either I would talk to him and tell him just how you feel about him. That way there no misunderstanding between both of you and he knows where you stand on the relationship. But if you ask me it sounds like you're a little in machores and probably shouldn't be having sex so wish you the best of luck


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  • Having one friends with benefits does NOT make a girl a whore. Selling her 'benefits' to strangers does.

  • It's called bragging

  • Guys always talk about their girls or fb's at that age. He's probably told them what you do/ don't do.

    It's alright to ignore him if he's too clingy. he shouldn't of fallen in love with you the idiot.

    If he keeps on talking shit about you, you should tell all the girls how small he is. Even if it's not true lol.

  • That is why friends with benefits never works in the long run.

    You have four options:

    A) Move somewhere else.
    B) Become his girlfriend.
    C) Break his hearth, he will call you names.
    D) Continue to be his or some other guy's whore.


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