How to get her to open up and fall for me?

I'm currently dating this Girl, she's nearly 20 and never had a Bf and hasn't had great experiences with guys. This is what she tells me when she re assures me that she likes dating me but she is unsure how to act in a relationship.

Thoughts about this?
I really like her, and really would like to fully fall for each other and embrace it but she's so close yets so far


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  • Don't be so quick and eager to put a label on what you two have.
    You don't have to be "in a relationship" with someone to have a good relationship with someone, if you get my drift.

    If you are already dating this girl and it sounds like things are going good then there is no need to push this into an "official relationship". Things will naturally progress to this point if you two continue to be comfortable with each other.

    You make here open up by making her feel safe and comfortable. Not trying to rush things is one way of doing this.

  • Just keep going with what you have.

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