How To Confess and Ask A Guy Out?

When I ask people about my crush, most of them told me to try confessing to him. I'm scared! How should I do it?

We're close, I meet him everyday during schooldays, I chat with him almost daily, and he's really caring to me. He often put his arm around my shoulders and pull me closer to him, and he has ever stroked his fingers through my hair while staring at me, and stuff. But sometimes his actions confuse my friends, because sometimes it looks like he's not that interested at me (just want to be friends).

I asked him out, but he doesn't really like going to cinemas and stuff, he only likes playing games at home, or playing sports at school.

Should I confess? How?
Does he like me?


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  • Be straight forward. Instead of simply just asking him to go somewhere with you, say
    "Hey 'George' I have a lot of fun hanging out with you and I was wondering, would you want to be more than just friends?"
    I'm sure his name is not George lol but just say something similar to that, don't beat around the bush and don't let him either, if he everts ask him again.
    It only takes 30 seconds of courage, just tell yourself that and do it. Don't live life with regrets, no matter the answer, at least you'll never have to ask yourself "what could have been."

    • Thanks! But I'm afraid he'll avoid me after that. We have most of the classes together so things will get super awkward and difficult for me.

    • guess you'll never know then

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