What should I think about this situation and how he acts?

My bf and I have been dating for almost 11 months and been living together for 8 months. I know most people think it was to soon to move in but he is the one that asked me to move in with him. We have our ups and downs and fight quite a bit due to my trust issues with him. But its also because he never likes to talk about anything. Which then pisses me off. He always just tells me to grow up and start trusting him. Which yes I do need to do that but he knows why i am the way i am and he knows what I want him to do.
Whenever he drinks he can act like his dad who is a flirt, smartass and a jerk when he is drinking. My bf is the same way sometimes but always denies that he is like that. Only a few times he has admited it and said he was sorry. Anyways last night we were out with friends and my bf was drunk. He was being annoying and a smartass when we got home. I told him i was going to sleep on the couch and he said no I dont want you to I want you to sleep with me. I ended up just staying up there to avoid starting a fight. He has told me before when he was drunk mainly that he wants to have kids and get married someday. He doesn’t talk much about it when he's sober. Sometimes I wonder if he really means it by the way he acts. I have accused him of cheating because I was cheated on before by my exs and Im worried he is going to do the same and sometimes when he is drinking he likes to flirt. He told me that he has never cheated and never will. Then when we were arguing last night he's like maybe I should then. I became silent after that because it hurt me. He said he was just kidding. Does it sound like he was and what should I do about his drinking and how he can be a jerk?


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  • You can always tell if someone he lying if you look him in the eyes.

    There was probably some sort of truth to that joke. He probably didn't mean it, but he probably just wanted to hurt your feelings.