How would you feel if you and your boyfriend brokeup and all his friends begin to add you on facebook?

My friend and her guy brokeup. To be honest she basically paid him to go with her. After they brokeup his friends begin to add her on Facebook and follow her on instagram. They didn't do any of this until they broke up. It's a lot of his friends adding her. Is this a guy way of saying you a hoe?


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  • This kind of happened to me, but I rejected them all. I wanted nothing to do with my ex, including his friends.

    • Ya they brokeup and all of a sudden his whole friend list of guys added her. It is true that she paid him but I think he told them

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    • Lol that's what I said. Those guys are not gonna wait until y'all breakup to be adding you

    • It's best she ignores them

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  • I'd wonder why they cared, wouldn't confirm them adding me, and move on.

  • I just wouldn't even bother accepting them to add me or follow me. She should just move on from it

    • I seen a girl over his house but she asked me and I lied about it. Everytime they talk it's financial