Is this guy being sincere or playing me?

I've known this guy for 3-4 years and we haven't talked for about 2 or 3 until he found me online again. Back in the day I blew him off twice b. c I was a douche and wasn't ready for anything serious. Now years later he found me online & we met at his place & we spent a whole week together awesome chemistry but I'm thinking it might be revenge for what I did. I have this feeling I don't know what it is Maybe its b. c I'm scared to fall for him idk! He bought me chicken strips & saved it for me to eat for breakfast in the morning he is very affectionate he met my best friend I met his friends and roommates & everyone likes me. He always takes me everywhere & shows me off etc. I'm just thinking its too good to be true! And yes I am scared but I don't know if thats why im feeling this way.


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  • It sounds to me as though he is making up for lost time, and This time being 'he found you online again-----he is holding on to dear life with his chicken strips and nesting niceties.
    Yes, I know it may 'sound too good to be true,' but I think over the few years, you both have changed. And being he sees you are different, not a 'douche' as you thought before, it may be the time Now to Begin your Beguine.
    Go slow. Don't rush into anything. Get to know one another in another lite now. Rome wasn't built in a day, as I tell everyone here, and neither is a rolling good romance.
    Relax, enjoy nurture and nursing what you finally have here. And with your 'awesome chemistry,' time will tell you what other sparks are ahead for you both.
    Good luck. xx

  • Sounds like you're being paranoid and allowing your guilt to get the best of you. If he is getting revenge, he's doing an awful lot to get back at you. Saving chicken strips for you in the morning? Mastermind. Forgive yourself, take it slow, and ask him to forgive you if you need to.

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