I am having obsessive boy problems going crazy? Guys and girls answer please?

I am relatively young an never had a bf yet. I want one soo bad I can't wait. I want somebody to call me beautiful, hug me tightly, kiss me passionately and say I love you. I want somebody to wipe my tears. I want somebody to make love to me so passionately that I start crying at the beauty of it. I want to have a bf soo bad I hurts. not even to do all the lovey stuff but hanging out, playing sports and cuddling. All my friends are gorgeous and they have bfs and then there's me the ugly one. I read fanfictons all the time and I think: I wish that was me. I am afraid nobody will ever love and I won't experience what I am desperately wanting. I feel ugly and insecure. Somebody help me before I lose it. I never told anyone this :x Don't judge me please, I can't control it.

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  • well damn i just read how i feel most of the time (happy im not the only one)

    • at least I am not the only one #thankful

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  • Well let's get one thing straight. You can control your emotions. At least be honest that you are choosing to feel this way. That being said, you aren't feeling things much different from other girls. The romance you desire may happen, but don't get too caught in fantasy of romance vs, the reality of it, otherwise you will be forever disappointed.

  • and where is your dad?
    are there daddy issues here?

    • no like my dad and me are fine he's a lawyer and he works a lot though

  • I feel the same way._.
    Worst of all, its a case of waiting it out. Which is literally the worst :C


What Girls Said 1

  • Hun, if you're fairly young, your hormones are probably raging. Be patient and your time will come, and so will the right guy. I didn't get a boyfriend until I was almost 19, so there's honestly no rush. Find other ways to occupy yourself, like hobbies.

    • thanks and yeah I am 14