Does she like me or is she playing games?

So, another question in series about this girl.,, anyway, in short: we met each other about three weeks ago through a proxy friend, we liked each other and had the friend exchange information back and forth. I had to wait for her till she finished her finals in school (she's 18 and I'm 22). When it was over, we went out with a group where there was a lot of teasing, which after two 'failed' attempts (found out later by my friend that she was just trying to play hard to get) resulted into a kiss. We went out again with her and my friend two days ago and today, and there's a pattern here I have to describe.

From what my friend tells me, she DOES like me, doing things like talking with her and changing the topic to me or telling her how cute I am. But when we are together (of course, never alone so far!) she acts very strange: she teases me all the time -trips my legs, tickles me, squeezes my cheeks and stuff like that-, laughs with literally everything I say, and all in all she tries to be close to me. She is receptive to teasing back, by the way. And just as I'm about to kiss her, she has to do this stupid back-off thing at least five times before we actually kiss a bit. I have a feeling that again, she is just playing around. Now, it's a lot that she does that can't fit here, but there are two other interesting behaviors: first of all, she acts jealous. For example today, she and my friend where gossiping about a girl that had her butt exposed through her shorts. When she directed the question "Did you just see that?" I said "Of course I did!", to which she replied "Yeah... it seems things like that catch your eye!". Also, she tells my friend that she likes me but doesn't know what she wants.

Don't get me wrong, this might be just her inexperience, because I know she is a virgin and also while not prude, she is of the "good girl" type. She is a real cutie and seems a nice person, and I'd like to make it work, but she makes me so insecure!

What can I do?


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  • Sounds like she likes you but is not certain about a relationship. I have a guy whom I have a crush on who does the same thing with the behavior swings. I think he is just uncertain about me. But as a girl I say she likes you but is not ready to commit.


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