"Let's cruise, but don't touch me or kiss me"?

Girl asks me to go on a 1week cruise. She three times told me not to try any "funny business" like touching her or kissing her because it would ruin her time, and she would elbow me and pepper sprayed me if I tried.

We have known each other for 7 years, went to different schools but would work in same place during vacations. Always stayed great friends. Most who have worked with us would say we'd end up together

I like her and would definitely try to seduce / charm her, as a man would with a woman he's attracted to.

What confuses me is why would she not want to go with someone else. Perhaps a female or a guy who she is open to romantically connecting with?


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  • Hi:)
    I am a girl who has probably done something simular to this. I recently just realised that many guys dont like the notion of just being friends with a girl they enjoy spending time with... And I think that weird.

    I can talk to a attractive guy and enjoy there company. I personally value a long term platonic relationship with a human being as it is good spiritually as opposed to the messiness that becomes a boy/girl relationship.

    Many girls feel like this. Its not to reject a guy or there not good enough or anything. Perhaps they appreciate you as a person and company...

    I dont think many guys get that.

    It sounds like she enjoys you as a person and perhaps focuses on her work at the moment.

    • It sucks that we are wired differently. When I appreciate a woman's company I like to push forward and explore possibilities! Even the slightest push like sharing a romantic stare and smile. Thanks a ton for giving me a female perspective from experience.

    • Or, depending on the importance of relationships to her she could want you to seduce her. See if she tries to do obviously flirty things like wearing a sexy dress, and batting her eyelashes or lingering looks. Go ahead then she's asking for it. But if she's just enjoying herself like not going through any extra things to get ready and being her natural self, talking about her day, and all that then she probably considers you a good trustworthy friend.

      This offends most guys in my short experience:/

    • Oh ok np :) but remember if she innitiates the flirts she is askin for it and then... GO GET EM TIGER!! xD haha jk

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  • SHe could be saying that hoping you do try to seduce her. but i wouldn't do anything unless SHE comes on to you first.

    But anyway,
    If she is telling you don't try any funny business and you say you "would definitely try to seduce / charm her, as a man would with a woman he's attracted to." then you should NOT go on the cruise with her because you can't follow her wishes. A man CAN control himself and if you can't then. . . .

    • I'd surely respect her wishes but it confuses me why a woman would not want to be wanted by a man.

    • exactly. u can't help how you feel, but you can help what you do with those feelings. if u like her and she doesn't want u doing it, do not go with her. tell her that you just dont feel comfortable doing such a thing. if she can't respect that, she's not good company

    • Good point Metal189. She shouldn't be mad if he tells her that he can't because of her wishes

  • Maybe she thinks you are more likely to go with her since you like her. I used to know a guy who would hang out with this girl who liked him whenever he was lonely and needed somebody to talk to. He was gay.

    • So cruel for the girl! Wait I'm the girl in this situation. So cruel for ME!

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