A friend who constantly changes boyfriends?

I have this friend of mine who goes through a lot of boyfriends, and I mean a lot of them. The longest relationship she has held is 1 month. Any advice for her? P. s. She is really strict and I have told her about this problem.

She usually dumps them for no reason in a few days.


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  • Is she going through a hard time? She may feel insecure and be clinging to anyone she can get. Tell her she shouldn't be looking outside herself to boyfriends for confirmation that she is okay. Tell her that she is perfectly fine and as worthy as every other girl out there. She has people that care about her, like you, and should try to learn to enjoy her own company and accept herself before looking for another boyfriend. For a relationship to work, both parties need to be secure with themselves. I feel for her, and hope she can figure it out.


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  • That's not really a relationship is it? It's just that she's dating a lot


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