How do I get a guy back after messing things up?

Long story short: Knew a guy for a few weeks… (3 weeks i think).. he was a really really really good guy! I got freaked out i guess because i just did (hard to explain).. so i got all high maintenance on him so he wouldn't end up liking me back… obviously it turned him off.. and i regretted it! He's a really good guy.. and i like him.. and i know i have to be more mature about things! we go to schools about 30 minutes from one another… so not a big deal! I want to wait till August to talk to him.. does anyone have any ideas? thank you


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  • If this was me I would want you to apologize again. Make it a good one. If you need help on making a good apology then read this: https: //www. pickthebrain. com/ blog/ 5-steps-to-an-effective-apology/
    However to sum that up, a good apology is basically telling him that you were wrong. Don't use excuses or words like "but" etc.. and then go on to promising that you won't do it again (if you do then that will probably be the last straw). If you make a good apology he should be OK with it, but like women, we won't forget what you did. Lets hope you do it well and that he DOES take you back. If he doesn't, you HAVE to move on because then you become the crazy girl who won't let it go. Hope this helps


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  • Okay so let's see you just basically rejected the guy. Honestly I mean guys usually take a rejection and move on with their lives. Sorry to be so honest but that's what happens talking to my guy friends. He may start talking to someone but if he really likes you still I'm sure he'll be open to having a convo with you. I say you need to straighten it up as soon as possible because time can either be friend or foe and I think that in this situation it wouldn't benefit you to wait.

    • I know he isn't seeing anyone! But i want to give it time so he can't remember what i did! I didn't like reject him full on i just started to get freaked out a little on him

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    • yeah i was thinking like a week before we head back to school.. you know?

    • yeah honestly I mean that's the best bet I say is to just chat him up here and there and see what happens and then just show your true personality next time. That's the only thing you can do and if he doesn't accept that then move on :)

  • why would you wait until then, apologize now and hopefully he might take you back

    • I did apologize but it like sounded crazy kind of how i did it

    • Well its time for you to grow up as you stated, If you like him, give him a true apology

  • Move on and next time don't act like that. Generally a first impression stays. Learn to be more mature.

    • But don't some people deserve second chances? I mean we only knew each other for a few weeks

    • I believe everyone deserves a second chance but that doesn't mean he's willing to give you one. You best bet is to move on if he doesn't.

    • oh yeah i agree! i think i should give it a try.. if not then move on