I truly love him but I don't know what to do?

I love him but he's so shy and I ant git him to open up and talk ad if we not talking were doing other stuff and idont want to be doing "other stuff" all the time


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  • You are young for this things. Love at this age might be because of physical needs of your developing body or just emotional attraction because of several other things. Your decision for not doing "other stuff" is wise and if possible keep your virginity for your real man - soul mat. Talking and meeting occasionally will help you to understand each other. Your decision of sex and marriage must be from heart - do not allow brain to interfere it. Brain decide on physical gains - heart decides on emotional matters and care taking - faithfulness for each other.

  • You need to be creative and come up with extracurricular stuff to do that gets his mind of the "other stuff"... and begin to focus and talk about OTHER -otHER STUFF?


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