I only have half of this date idea complete. *ASAP*?

>be me
>meet this girl 9.5/10!
>exchanged digits. Score!
>Said I'd call her in a few days
>thew the idea of getting ice cream out there.
>she agrees
>double score!

now the problem...

I don't want this first date to be just ice cream and chatting, I'd like to do something else with her after or prior. I really would like her remember the time we spend together and make it special.

so what i am asking, on a first date, what would be the best thing to do that would compliment with getting Ice cream?


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  • Hmmmm well I guess it depends where the ice cream place is located, if it's near a nice outdoor shopping strip or a park then that'd be really nice to walk around. Honestly, a picnic would be amazing! I've always found picnics super romantic and since most guys don't do it bc it's "old fashion" or whatever I think it makes it even better. Hope this helps and good luck!


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  • You should sumo wrestle in those blow up sumo suits lol:)


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