Did I handle this right? Should I just have asked her out?

So this new temp started at the company I work at and she's beautiful. She told my friend at work that she thought I was cute and would ask questions about me and I've noticed her glance at me a few times. The thing is she just got out of a six year relationship. My friend who was talking with this temp said I shouldn't ask her out yet because she might not be ready to date again, but I was getting the opposite opinions from other people who said I should just ask her out since she's been asking about me, so she's obviously interested. I decided just to screw it and go with my gut. So I was talking with the temp and she told me she probably wasn't going to stay at the company, so I went for it. I told her a friend of mine was taking me to a comedy show and that there was room for one more if she was interested. She said sounds cool and asked me for my number so she could let me know. Today was her last day and I couldn't really bring up the topic again before she left. So right now she has my number and I'm really hoping she uses it. Could I have handled it better?

No good, she didn't call...


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  • I think you handled it just fine. Some people said she might not be ready for a relationship so now you have given her the ability to make that choice without pressure. The hard part is the waiting.


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