I sit infront of my crush and I need advices?

Im a guy, and i sit infront of my crush. Sometimes she will kick my chair and disturb/play with me but I want more. What can i do to get her attention? And she knows i will ask her to shut up when she makes noise for fun and she will purposely make more noises, so the whole lesson we will smile to ourselfs like an idiot. Thats the means she likes me too?


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  • It sounds like she likes you! :) Just be real with her, be confident and honest. Tell her she's pretty, and maybe get her phone number, get to know her, and start hanging out more often. If it's all flowing nicely into place, you may be able to find the right time to ask her to be your girlfriend, or as her out on a real date. TIP: If things DON'T go as planned, don't get discouraged!!! there's nothing wrong with you, she just wasn't the right fit. ;) Remember to stay confident and positive. Best of luck!

    • Thanks :) I hope everything goes well and i have her number!! :D

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  • Awwww you guys sound adorable!! It could be one of two options:
    1) you're a really good friend to her and she just likes messing around and having fun or...
    2) she has a crush on you and is trying to be cute with physical contact but playing it off as if it's just friendly joking when really she wants you to notice her smile and her laugh and think that she's super cute.

    You would know her personality more so if she seems more like a tom boy I'd go with the first option if she's more girly then go with the second

    • Thanks :) she's more of the girly kind and she's super pretty and super cute!! She got a great personality too but sarcastic at times. :)

    • That's awesome you two sound really cute together ;) I hope everything works out!

    • Thank you :)

  • strike up a conversation, be charming and a little confident. Think of a smart one liner and I mean a SMART one not a cheesy one that loser guy's do. Something a little cocky to keep up the flirty banter between you guy's like "you must like me a lot huh, to keep kicking my chair?" and with whatever she responds with you should say "we owe it to ourselves to go out sometime to see where this leads, so what do ya think cutie?"


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