Can anyone give me some advice on how not to pull away from a guy?

Can anyone give me some advice on how not to pull away from a guy?
I just recently broke up with this guy who I really liked and when he told me he liked me back I slowly pulled myself away. Now there's this other guy who I have feelings for and I know I will be able to be myself around him until he starts to like me back and then i will become introverted and shy and I can't hurt someone like I did with the last guy I dated. It also hurts me because I want more than anything to be in a relationship and have an intimate connection with someone else and I really don't know how to prevent myself from pulling away! Can someone please help me!


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  • What do you think made you start becoming introverted with guys? Are you afraid the relationship will end bad so when they like you and things could get serious you pull away?

    • I'm not sure I think it's a defense thing. Like I'm afraid im not good enough or that the guy wants to go farther than I want to at the moment and also I compare myself to others a lot and I don't feel like people are genuinely giving me a complement so I'm also afraid he's gonna compare my body to his old girlfriend

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    • Thank you so much! I'm actually gonna take your advice to heart :)

    • Aw im glad i could help (: stay strong

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