How to deal with a guy with commitment issues?

So this guy & I have been a thing for nearly a year. Nothing serious has ever come of it, mostly because he's scared of change & commitment he's never really full on told me this but has suggested. His last girlfriend who was his first love cheated on him nearly 2-3 years ago & he hasn't been with anyone since.

How do I get him to trust me? Make him overcome this? What can I do? He has brought up the subject of girls cheating many times to me & I always feel like I'm being tested.


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  • I am the same with my girlfriend nothing will change it to be honest just give him time

    • But what made you step up into trusting her enough to get into a relationship with her? Or to make things serious? What things did she do?

    • She never gave up on me to show me how serious she was

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