Casually dating this guy for 2 months. Dont know how he feels about me?

I met this guy 2 months ago at a bar. After that we went on a couple of dates about 2 weeks after meeting I got a text from his "ex gf " saying how he always cheated on her and how they just went to a wedding together etc. I ended up continuing to see him since he told me they were really done. I see him once a week I met all his friends he has met mine. He works really late due to his line of work so we go out to late dinners or go to his house. everytime I'm with him he makes me feel so special and like he really likes me.

But I recently got drunken courage and asked him if he's talking to other girls he told me he "texts other girls" but doesn't see them like me. And that got me thinking does he "play house" with all these girls like he does with me? I'm really falling for this guy hard what should I do?


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  • Hello,

    His ex GF might be saying the truth and trying to warn you, but then again she might be really mad and trying to ruin your relationship, so either ways you need to be careful, He seems open and not from the type who would cheat, since you probably met all of his friends, and you showed him off to your friends, it seems like he is telling everybody that you & him are going out together, that's still not a sign that he won't cheat on you, BUT that is a huge sign that he labeling his self as "Your property to others" making it twice as hard to cheat if he wants to do so, It's not a good idea for a person who would cheat to let everyone else knows he is in a relationship, correct?

    In short, you still haven't known him long enough to say that he might be a good shot,
    And you can't trust his EX for throwing some words at you.

    So far It looks like an the average relationship from a bar,
    although most of the time it's hardly long lasting, but it can work out somehow.

    +If he really cheated on his GF and you got sure about it, I know this long lasting quote that won't
    change for mankind. "If he cheated once, He can cheat twice."



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  • He already showed you off to his friends, that is a good sign. They are "ex's" who can't let go of their past so they're trying to do everything to win it over. Talk to him your feelings toward your situation. If you want to some label, I'd rather asked him if you both are exclusive. Give it more time. Show him what you want and that is not to waste time. If you show him how you value yourself and your time without sounding too eager to get committed, then you'll get the honest answer from him. Stress to him that you are enjoying. Don't act too clingy as he may pull off because guys love freedom and if you do that, he will feel trapped and might not try to commit to you. Respect the kind of life they have before you and if you show them that life could be better with you by their side and still giving his freedom to do what he wants, he'll stay. :)