Does he mean it or just saying it because it's what I want to hear?

My bf and i have talked about marriage before. Sometimes he acts like he really does and other times he acts like he doesn't by being a jerk. His dad and brother can be a jerk too so I think it just runs in the fsmily. If he was talking to his brotherr, mom or dad and I would ask who it was he would say your mom, or your dad and etc. But now he doesn't say that and hasn't for awhile. But about a week ago he said he wants to get married and have kids somedsy. Then I jokingly said yeah in 10 years and he ssid no within 5. Should I belive him he really wants to or is he just saying it because he thinks it's what I want to hear?

  • He means it
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  • cause he thinks it's what I want to hear
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  • When it comes to 18-25 years old men,
    Most teens tend to want to take their relationship with the ones they love faster than the community's taste.
    Specially when they love you, if he said 5 the way you heard it (I assume in a very serious voice that leads for you to question it) then I bet he meant it.

    But is he ready for it? And as time passes he might change his mind so you never know!

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    Thanks and Goodluck.


What Girls Said 1

  • it can be both but he seems to be sending too much signals

    • To much signals for what

    • to understand if he was saying that to be kind or because he meant it