Lies and more lies, did I over react after finding out the truth, I was hurt first but now she hates me because of my reaction. What do I do?

Me and my girlfriend are both in college and have been dating for 2.5 years. We have had our problems maybe more than most but we love eachother
Recently we moved in together and we loved it, we both live the same types of lifestyles but the arguing sure didn't stop and perhaps got worse. After our last argument (over petty bs on both sides like always) she stormed out and said she was staying at a girlfriends. I have kind of always had trust issues because of past experiences that she's aware of and of issues with my girlfriends honesty throughout our relationship. So in a completely harmless way I drove to a house of a guy I had suspicions of involving her in the past. Turns out she was over there and not the girlfriends house as she had claimed.(this is where it gets complicated) in my last relationship of close to 3 years as well, my ex girlfriend was having an affair behind my back, given that we were on and off she was able to have another relationship on the side. Now the male that was involved with my ex is the same male who's is with my current girlfriend and once I found her over there i told her I knew she was over there but she refused to come down (but doesn't hesitate to tell me that while we were on a "break" 6 months ago she had slept with the same guy my ex cheated on me with and had lied about it this whole time, I knew she had slept with someone but it was fine because honestly I had done the same. but she told me a diff. name and then lied for 6 months and manipulated me to move in with her and admitted she thought if she had told the truth I would have never taken her back, all when I was completely honest with her about my little fling while we weren't together right when it happened.) anyways in my furious reaction to these new found facts, I couldn't bare to watch the girl i love throw our relationship away to hang with this other guy, I called her parents to make her leave, they did but now are breaking apart her life and i feel at fault

you guys were no help


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  • Wow u caught her in a lie and she cheated on u I feel srry for u hope ur ok?

    • no not really because she is adamant that i ruined her life because I involved her parents who are now taking away their support. she claims she was not over there to see the guy so she wasn't cheating, and that when she did hook up with him the first time we were on a break so it wasn't cheating, but she knew is involvement with my last relationship...

    • Ohhh I see wow harsh.. ):

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