He likes me but doesn't want to date me, so does he actually like me?

Like I said before he likes me but does not want to date me for personal reasons - his exact words were "I don't like to get involved with people dating-wise" (I don't know) He also said "at least not right now" which I guess means he might be open to it later. I'm not waiting for him lol, with all the cute boys around me I can't wait for one guy haha.

Anyway when the guy likes you but doesn't want to date then does he actually like you?

My reasons for asking this question...

1. he doesn't text me first or text me at all (we haven't seen each other for three days because school is out and he hasn't texted me)

2. the last day of school we saw each other multiple times and we said hi but in the last period of the day, which is the only class we have with each other, he didn't say a word to me
- he asked people to play RISK on his phone with him but he didn't ask me (he seriously asked like everyone around me)
- he talked to everyone but me and when I came into the class and went over to our group of friends he didn't even look my way

3. he displays some signs of liking me but at other times it just feels like he doesn't even care

I know that it's probably because he doesn't want to date me but would a guy still exhibit some signs of liking someone even though they don't want to date?
He likes me but doesn't want to date me, so does he actually like me?
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