I've been seeing this guy for almost 3 weeks now - we're not dating (i wish we were) but all of our friends know we are like a "thing". He always texts me, smiles at me, holds my hand, makeout a lot, but he has never actually told me that he thinks im pretty or that he likes me so i can't tell. We've gone to second base, which was my first time doing this with him once or twice and i'm scared to tell him how i feel but i really wish he would just express to me how he felt. (We are 15 btw) and he gives me so many mixed emotions and signals i cannot comprehend - he's nice around his friends, we have personal nice conversations, and we spoke of dating once like a week ago but thats about it and im going on vacation in July but still he hasn't expressed anything and im so confused if he likes me or not because i've gone further than i necessarily wanted to bc it kind of just happened and i need help pls.


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  • Well the guy I like never expresses his emotions with me. Honestly, I had no clue he liked me until my whole class kept telling me how obvious it was we were both into each other. I still couldn't believe it, he doesn't treat me like he likes me, just a really close friend. One day, I agreed to let one of the curious people ask him if he liked me. When they did, he just blushed like mad and kept smiling and then I was told this information later. I was so happy because he does like me! However, I started to doubt it because he doesn't 'act' like how people who likes someone usually acts... two weeks later, we had the most flirtiest day we had ever had and we kept smiling at each other, something he had never done before to me... and I asked him if he liked me... he didn't answer me at first, he was so embarrassed but when I asked again, he eventually said, "Yes" while blushing.

    Ever since then, he still acts like just a friend to me. Only difference is that in the classroom, if I poke/touch him, he does it back and gets flirty with me by touch. We never talk about the fact we like eachother, we just know that we do. He doesn't have to say it or anything, why should he when he already gave me my answer when I asked him weeks ago? If he stopped liking me, then he wouldn't still be poking me back in class.

    You need to stop worrying so much, he is giving you more 'signs' that he likes you than my guy does, and I trust and respect my guy (we don't go out) so I see no reason why you can't do the same for yours :) you hold hands iwth him for goodness sakes, I haven't done that with my guy!

    • + I have never kissed him, oh how I would love to know what to do to be able to get my first kiss with him

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  • If he loved you he would even attempt 2nd base this early without already giving you terms of endearment or a pet names... he should be softly carressing your face and softly kissing your forehead... did he initiate 2nd base or did you?

    • im not expecting him to love me i just want to know if he likes me like is actually interested in dating or just using me or I don't know

    • Plain and simple... its too fast.

    • Ok... so its not about love but just dating... which dating is about him getting to know whats between your ears... not between your legs...2nd base twice in 3 weeks on average is taking your virginity in 10 days of seeing you...

  • oh wow you are young.. Let me help you out here? Do you have a nice caring father? This boy does not love you. He has no idea what love is. He enjoys making out with you and maybe he thinks you are attractive. Most likely this boy will use you to satisfy his male hormones. All this guy wants to do is make out with you and continue to go further. You are searching for something he can not give you, unless you want sex. Talk to your dad about it

    • nooo i could never talk to my parents about this kind of stuff though

    • Well that is unfortunate, because hopefully your parents care about you. Well then if I were you I would back off from this guy, and see if he still wants to hold your hand. Guys will push and girls will buckle. It hapens time and time again. Slow down the kissing and see how much he really likes you.

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