Is he planning to go back to her or is he playing is both?

Hey everyone I've been dating this guy for about 2 months he was in a relationship when we started dating with his ex of a year and 3 months.
They lived together as well and she has a kid but the isn't his.
Anyway, they broke up he told me he didn't break up with her for me. He said he broke up with her because they had to many problems and was always fighting.
We went out to eat tonight and went to the movies but I just found out that he's he still supporting her and her daughter financially, he stayed with her from Monday until today. He said the only reason he stayed with her was because he was low on gas and had no money and because his work was closer to her house and because she was taking him to work.
I also found out that they had sex today while he was staying with her. I don't know if they had sex the whole
time he stayed with her or not. He told me that he still has feelings for her and her daughter because they was like family to him. I also found out that they are going to a carnival together tomorrow and I read some of his text and he had told her that he enjoyed spending the week with her and wanted to move back in. So my question is is playing us both or is he planning to go back to her and not tell me?


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  • He's playing you. You're the side chick. It's sick that there's actually a name for it now.

    Get out of that relationship or whatever you can call it.

    Depending on the boundaries you set I would assume him havin sex with his ex while dating you is cheating. So leave him. You have better options I'm sure.


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  • Um who cares if he's playing you both, he's def not being honest or faithful to you. Kind of important in a relationship.

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