This boy likes me and I dont know what to do?

Well I like him back. He's not the hottest boy on earth but he treats me well. When we first met he said I was beautiful and admitted to liking me. Of course HE didn't tell me but his sister did and his wHOLE household knows. Oh yeah and he's also my NEIGHBOR. Since my parents are divorced I come every other week to visit my mom and everytime I do I can't stop thinking about him. Upon returning for the week his sister gives me a paper. It has a drawing and a letter saying that he finds me beautiful and nice and funny. And that it's true he likes me and if I like him back that would be cool. Yes I would like to date him BUT his whole family would know and since we are neighbors my mom would most definitely find out and murder me. He doesn't have a phone either so how the hell would THIS work? My brother even told me "he looks at you a lot". Since I went to visit his sister so I was talking to him a lot. YIKES I don't know WHAT to do?


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  • your mother needs to understand that love is indiscriminate and finds anyone... but if you want to keep it a secret make sure you tell him that you want to date but to keep the relationship private..


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  • Wait u know when u like someone don't afraid of parents
    be tough
    cause parents don't want u to fall for wrong person

    if ur heart says u like him
    then go for him

    and ya person should be handsome
    he must be the way we like
    If everyone will go for the most handsome guys
    Then what will happen to lower than them

    go u will have some ways
    like u can meet him after school while in the way

    say ur feelings
    but if ur mom find that
    don't hurt her
    she is alone
    and if she doesn't like
    leave this for a while
    after u can continue
    when u will explain to ur mom
    it will be fine

  • How did people ever stay in contact before moblie phones? They did, and they did it well enough. Give him your home phone number and get his.

    I don't think your mother will kill you if you go places and do things with the neighbours. Try this:tell your mother you want to marry him, then say "but would it alright if we just went to the coffee shop instead?"

    • Oh you don't know her! She is crazy protective and won't even let me look at a boy without her saying "what are you doing?"

    • my mother was the same way before... but as you push her overprotect limits she will soon learn that you are maturing into a young woman and that she will have to lift her boundaries to give you space to grow..

  • You're mom won't kill you trust me lol. Unless she is psycho or something which i kind of doubt haha.

    Just talk with him and see how things go.

    • She'll kill me as in ground me take away my phone and never let me go outside xD

    • Lol. There's no way she would understand? Hahah

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  • Talk to him when he's alone. Tell him 'I like you.' It seems that he likes you, but he's too shy to do anything about it. Don't make the same mistake!

    Also, if you got the signals wrong, be prepared for rejection.

    Your mother would not murder you. You're overthinking it. She doesn't want you to live with her until you turn 50. Btw, how old are you? And how old is he?

    Why are relationships these days only based on texts and phone conversation. Talk to him in person! It should work.

    • Yeah but I think our relationship would be a lot stronger since I'm not here everyday. :p

    • It would be a lot stronger. Believe me.

  • If your Mom is over-protective, she might be okay with this boy since he's a boy she knows and she knows the family, so really he's the safest choice for her daughter :) Would she let you hang out with him "as friends"? You could try telling her that you're going for coffee with the neighbor and see what she says. Also, this would be pretty awkward, but since his whole family already knows, maybe his parents could talk to your mom about letting the two of you go out?

    Do you both have access to computers? You could talk through email, facebook, or Skype