Why do guys not communicate? Should I stop trying?

So theirs this guy and we are going out and we don't talk at all because I don't have his number. I try to contact him and send him emails he reads them but no response at all. should I stop trying to talk to him or break up with him?


So I don't have his number but I don't know why but he gives no effort to give it to me . He has mine though and he wants me to call him but how does he expect me to know his number to call.
I have his home number


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  • its weird that your dating a guy and you don't have his number !

    i mean if you know for sure that he IS getting your emails and reading them then ask him why isn't he replying , if he gives you a lame answer just break up with him because its not worth it !


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  • Just stop trying to talk to him, he has already broken up with you. Some immature guys use ignoring a girl completely as a method of breaking up because they are too cowardly to break up properly. Also if you are going out with a guy there is no way in hell you should not have his phone number.

  • I think you should ask wtf is up. He may give you a real excuse or a fake one. So don't immediately fall for it. Watch how he answers. I absolutely hate it when guys do that kind of thing.

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