Best time of the day to call a girl to set up a first date. *tinder*

I did not expect to meet a girl through the app Tinder.

I actually don't like the app very much since it is based solely on physical attractiveness. but that is besides the point.

I got to chat with an awesome girl on there got her number. and i am wondering what time of the day is best to call and set up a first date?
Also, what kind of ideas do you have in regards to date ideas? and date conversation topics. i don't know much about her but i am very curious.


  • Morning 7-10am
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  • Midday 11am- 1pm
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  • Afternoon 2-5pm
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  • Evening 6-10pm
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I chose C because that's a time where I'm usually having down time and it's not super early like in the morning I don't like people contacting me until after ten or so mainly because it's "me" time. Midday a lot of people are busy. In the afternoon if a guy contacted me I would think "It's not a booty call and it's not an early morning annoyance" it's the right balance and I would assume if you contacted me then that you've been having a life all day (I know it may be a bit shallow but I like a guy with a life). As for date ideas, make it original. Find out if she likes the outdoors, or art or movies etc.. and plan a date with that information. If she likes art, take her to lunch and an art gallery. Break free from the "dinner and a movie" dates, they don't really leave for much "getting to know each other".

    • How does chatting over ice cream and bowling afterwards if the conversation goes well sound?

    • should i surprise her with bowling or disclose it from the start?

    • That sounds really cute :) You could be a little mysterious and say "after ice cream there's something I want to do with you, do you have the time?" If someone did that to me I'd be pretty excited. (Just be careful it doesn't sound like you're inviting her over to your place.

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  • I vote D. At that time most people are at home. Ideas for date, a nice restaurant is fine. Ask her what type of food she likes. Talk about her and her interest

    • alright sounds like an idea!

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  • In the afternoon. There is more free time to chat and set something up.