Let it go or can message him again one day?

I really like this guy, we met up and would talk for hours by text but then he went back to work and it cooled off he wouldn't talk as much and I did the wrong thing and kept trying to talk to him which he would sometimes ignore but sometimes reply. I finally spoke to him properly the other day and he said he didn't want to meet up again as he didn't have time for a relationship as his work had become too busy coming up to the summer season. I said it's ok no worries and sorry for annoying him as it's not like me to do that. And then said goodbye. I deleted him on FB as I didn't want to check up on him or suddenly see he's in a relationship one day and I also deleted his number. The thing is I really like him and can't stop thinking about him, I really screwed up by looking needy and I regret it so much and wish I'd just let it go when he cooled off. I just keep wondering if maybe I could one day just talk to him again or if I have to let it go for good and never talk to him again?


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  • You did the right thing pursuing the dude. There is nothing wrong with that. It just didn't work out.


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  • Pass, no time for a relationship means he does want one with YOU. Just move on.

    • Yeh I figured, it just sucks I did everything wrong :(

    • stop blaming yourself. I have learned if a guy cares, he won't care what you do wrong and will still be there.