Is she trying to get back together or naw?

So I've been talking to one of my exes and been conversing for a few days. I'm pretty sure she had a boyfriend but she wants to hangout and catchup, so it could be completely Platonic but I'm not sure cause she wants to come over to my house. Not sure whether she just sincerely wants to hangout or not. Feedback from guys or girls would be cool

  • SHE WANTS THE D (jk lol)
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  • Lol she's tryna fuck lol cuz if it was just platonic she would have asked to meet in a public place. But she wants to come over.
    Now, to be sure, when she does come over, notice:
    -is she wearing extra perfume.
    -Revealing clothes
    If you see either one of these, make your move brah