To go for it or wait for someone else to come along?

I've recently met this guy and I've fallen quite hard for his personality. He was super kind and a little sarcastic and it just gave me the butterflies. I honestly hadn't had as big of a "crush" on anyone in my whole life. (Granted, I'm not that old, but still.)
About two days after our meeting, he added me on snapchat (quite the life, isn't it?) but didn't snapchat me until the day after it. I asked mutual friends if they put him up to adding me/chatting me (since they knew I kinda fancied him) but assured me they only suggested he add me after he was debating on it. They didn't tell him to snapchat me according to them.
We didn't snapchat much, only for 45 minutes or so before he stopped replying. Although he did offer for me to go over his house to meet his dog in a few weeks when he's back from vacation, I can't tell if he's not interested or just shy/waiting for me to show signs of interest? He hasn't been snapchatting me lately and I don't know if it's because he's on vacation or if he just isn't interested in me.
I'm not sure if I should put myself out there and take a risk and try to start something with him (as I don't really know if he's interested and we're going to different colleges anyway [they're only an hour apart but still]) or if I should just let it drop and hope to find someone in college?


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  • I think you should just hold out girlfriend. As gorgeous as he may be, he doesn't seem to me like he's all that interested. But that "come over and meet my dogs'" thing is kinda confusing. Hmm, did you snapchat him first after he added you? Don't seem too available to him because guys are made to be the ones who chase the girl, not the other way around in usual circumstances. I'm not saying I haven't seen girls chase they guy than they get together, I'm just saying a lot of the times, the guy will loose interest unless you keep him wanting more. Don't ever seem so readily available, keep the mystery. It really works if you keep him hanging on, waiting for 30 minutes or so for a response. This can make you look like your time is valuable and your in high demand. ;) But if he doesn't seem all that interested to you in your opinion, then I'd hold out. You want someone who will love you and cherish you. No girl wants to feel used. So either play it cool with him if he does seem interested, or if he doesn't, wait 'til you get to your college. :) Then you can be close to someone you love without the hassle of a long distance relationship. Hope this helps.


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  • You know what they say "if you don't try, you can't win" why not try? What's the worst that could happen , he's not interested so you get a boyfriend in collage. I think girls in general would be shocked at who they could get if they would just try. Guys can be clueless, me included, I know this because I've been told many times, lol


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