What should we do for the first date?

I know one of my best guy-friends plans on asking me out, and I think I might say yes...but the problem is, my parents don't really approve of the whole dating scene...yes yes, I know, it's kind of sad, but it's my life, and I have to deal with it. So when I say yes, (if I do), what should we do for our first date? (I'm 16). I was thinking group hang outs, because we talk most over Facebook, even though we both go to school together.

Ok, what sort of public place? Park, Coffee Shop...?
Cool, I might try that, but I want to see where he wants to take me first.
Good idea...except I'm a little worried about inviting him to dinner...sitting there while my dad (and mom) interrogates him. AWKWARD! My dad is one of the "If a guy ever comes near this house for you..." and he's only half-joking...
ok, awesome, thanks!


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  • Sure, go to a coffee shop, a park, and somewhere else.

    Though, I will say you should really find some way to go on this outing with him only.

    I'm not saying to go against your parents wishes, but maybe it would be best to talk it out with them about why it is important to you, and why you have chosen this boy over all the others.

    If they need further convincing, ask that he attend a dinner at your home, where they can meet him and ask questions.

    Don't become emotional over their intial responses, be even-keel and make sure to give them complete information.

    Sometimes parents make these kind of decisions because of what they see on television news programs, or because they hear about what the neighborhood boys are up to.

    Maybe he pulled a prank on a friend that ended up creating a mess that the friend's parents had to clean up.

    The main thing is to be respectful of your parents, and present your side reasonably, and without dishonesty.

    If they can see that the boy is not a danger, then they may be more receptive to you seeing him in exclusive terms.

    • They more than likely won't "grill" him during the meal, though I am sure questions will come up. That will happen prior to after the meal. I also suggest planning the meal yourself. This will show your parents how serious you are about it, and that it means a lot to you.

      If your parents care about you, they will at least give him the chance to make a case for himself. And, by participating in this, he can show that he is honest in his intentions, and not trying to take advantage of you.

  • Hey you guys sit under the same roof in the school and still talk on face book ! in that case I will suggest go to a public place talk in person so that you get to know each other better ! remember that the virtual world is not the REAL world! so better talk to the chap and see if he really is the same person which he depicts in this virtual environment.

    • I feel a coffe shop would be fine provided both of you like that place ! in short a place where both of you can have some good time !

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