Having a hard time coming to terms with possible end to a relationship?

it sort of ended 2 weeks ago I guess when she showed up at local bar with this guy I had never seen before that she said at time she was dating and had known for a few years. I have only seen her once since then and that was at her work and I just talked to her but not really about anything serious. we hadn't really been formally dating but had grown close and spent a lot of time together and she knew that I wanted her to be my gf.

I'm just having a hard time dealing with the fact she may be in a relationship with another guy at the moment and that she isn't interested in spending time with me. I didn't even see her at local bar this Friday and her gf's and sister were there she just seems to have disappeared since 2 weeks ago and I haven't heard anything from her. so I'm assuming things are pretty much over would be a safe assumption at this point. and I have meet some other girls but not really ready to date anyone else yet as I still have feelings for her , I'm just confused and feel there isn't anything I can do to get through to her that I really did like her and that we could have a great time together as a couple


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  • Hey, don't beat yourself over her. If she can blow you off like that for another guy, do you really want to be with her?

    Take the time to find a girl that cares enough to stay, or that is at least interested enough to want to try.

    • but its weird she is still around , I saw her last night at bar , she was with gf's and we talked / hung out for a while. she's definity seeing this other guy as she was texting him all night. but we still seem close and some interest in spending time together. she also told me about another bar night she was planning on going to which seemed like a hint that she wanted me to go. but I don't think she wants to have sex with me. like I'm just a close friend or something along that line

    • I think she's being friendly... It doesn't sound like she's trying to hit on you...

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