A guy asked my phone number at a party. he did not call. Pls help me?

A day before yesterday a guy asked my phone number at a party. He drunked a bit. So i did not give a number. But he was following me and was so curious to get my number. If i rejected, he waz tried to get my number. Finally i asked his number and promised to call him. After that he tried to get my numbed. Bt i did not give the number. Yesterday i called to him. I only said hello, he seemed to be recognized me and we talked. He asked that y i left without tellinh him and he did not expect my call as i did not give my number. He said that he was at a cloth store and call me night. Untill now he did not call. Maybe he was busy. Bt i havd a question, he had so interest to have my number. I thought he called me asap. Bf not. Y is he behaving like this. Actually he is a nice guy, i like to talk him. Pls help me.


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  • He might possibly be embarassed that he was drunk, or he may think your not interested in him. I think you should call him again. Why not? Give him a call and tell him that you think he is a nice guy and that you would like to get to know him. There is nothing wrong with that, it doesn't say anything bad about your character, as the matter of fact, I have a lot of respect for women who go after what they want. Go for it girl, you will do fine! Good Luck!


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  • He may or may not be interested. If he continues to do this then odds are he isn't interested. Wait it out and see what he does. Don't text or call him too much and play a little hard to get also.


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