Not sure if she's friendly or actually likes me?

I know these kinds of questions are posted almost daily, but I'm bad with girl so I need some help.

There's this girl I met back in Jan. from a friend who I'm really into. We talk a lot, text during the day, but mostly talk at night because of our work/class schedules. The thing is, I'm really into her but I'm not completely sure if she feels the same. I'm close with her sister and bestfriend, and she always talks about me to them, or mention something funny/weird that we talked about, to them. Which is a good thing, I guess. She jokes around with me a lot, and I notice that a lot of things I say, like weird phrases, she starts saying them too if that means anything.

This one time while we were out with friends. One of her friends thought we were dating. I had said her name to ask her a question and her was like "Your boyfriend is calling you", and I was like "huh? lol". It caught me off guard because I wasn't expecting anyone to think of us like that. When she heard him say that, she giggled and asked why he thought we were dating. He said it's because we're always together, so she just giggled and bit and smiled. She didn't deny or confirm it so that means something, right?

Today she went out of town with her sister and friend for the weekend, and she kept saying how she's gonna miss playing games with me and all that. We talked for a bit and went to bed. and she randomly messaged me this morning, saying bye see you Monday and all that.

I know this is pathetic, but I'm pretty bad when it comes to girls.. Am I overthinking this? Thanks.


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  • Ask her for a real date. Then if you really like her, ask her if you can be exclusive.


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  • you are way over thinking this just let it happen and if you want to date her get a flirty

  • Don't push her, but you should find out how she feels about you.


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