Why must I be so shy when it comes to calling guys?

Awhile back I mentioned that guy I'm currently crushing on the cute store manager at my local GameStop who gave me his card and said it was ok for me to call him at the store. Well, I've always been really shy when it comes to calling people. I wanna call him and talk to him and get to know him, but I don't know what to say I know he likes anime like me and also likes videogames, but other than that I'm not sure what to say or talk about. Any ideas? if you need to look at the my update on my very first question on here.


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  • We all get anxious sometimes. It's not that big of deal. Just call him. You can do it

    • And have a conversation with him and them ask him out? I know I can do this, but when it comes to a guy I like I get really nervous and I blush a lot.

    • We guys feel the same when it is a girl we like. There will always be some anxiety Resisting will only make it persist. 1) Your goal is to accept the fact that anxiety is part of you and to move despite it 2) Accept the fact that you may get a yes or no and it does that it does not tell your worth but that you guys were incompatible. The less control you admit you have the better. There was this girl I was interested in talking to a few weeks ago, and things went nowhere. A few months prior, I would've tried to game her and convince her to date me but this time I let all it go. A week or two later she posted on fb that this guy she had a crush on for months turned out gay. My point is you have to accept that if someone isn't ready to meet you. They have a life; they have their own issues that have nothing to do with you. Now go, tell him you know it's random but you wanted to hang out with him. I don't know you but I genuinely wish you luck. Checkout articles on markmason. net

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  • go get your phone right now. And call him. Problem solved. Just do it. You'll figure out what to say after you call.

    • I'll do it tomorrow it's late and the store is probably closed. As for what to say I don't know know yet he likes anime and games, he's into naruto, bleach, one piece, but he knows about the stuff I like Sailor Moon and Evangelion. I'd wanna ask him out, but eh I'm too shy.

    • Cuppa coffee. Simple and not to expensive or anything like that. If there's a park nearby try grabbing the coffee and going for a walk (if its a nice day out)

  • Call him and ask him out, or text him, if that's easier. It's a lot easier to talk face to face with someone you don't really know than it is over phone, because we all know that awkward silence over phone is... well... just even more awkward than it usually is.

  • You should call him and ask about a game then go from there.


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