Guys and Girls are you afraid to get out of your safe zone?

The are so many people around the world, why should you only stick with your ethnic group? Is there a problem with people from different races? I've seen so little interracial relationships and sometimes I wonder why.

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  • It depends on what your attraction level to that person is. I was raised in Orange County California. There are mix couples all over the place as I was growing up. I still see them around. Mix couple produce the cutest kids and hottest adults when they grow up.

    • I totally agree but when I tell someone that I prefer other people than people from my ethnic group, they think I'm weird.

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  • I like to step out every once in a while to see if my horizons can be expanded and to see if I can handle more.


What Girls Said 1

  • I've been dating interracially ever since I first started dating. I've only once dated inside my race and even he was biracial. Don't get me wrong, I'm attracted to my own race, but guys of other races tend to go after me far more often than those of my own.

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