Guys- what are the most important things you look for when seeking out a girlfriend?

Guys-when looking for a potential mate what do you look for and what turns you off? Looks fitness smile eyes? Or more personality and confidence and being genuine? What would make you go and talk to a girl?


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  • Fitness is great because I find myself hitting the weights every other day and running on the weekends. Looks only go so far though for me. She would have to be smart (but not a complete nerd/geek/dweeb), definitely self-confidence is a good one, feisty, adventurous. Drugs and disease free, no cheaters, liars, and free-loaders or chicks looking to get pregnant to make a quick buck off me through the gov dang hoodrats ! Be working, in school or both one or the other but NOTHING is a automatic deal-breaker.


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  • Okay, here is my guide to finding a girlfriend, with just a little humor.
    100% success rate.

    The Guide

    1. The First Impression- Before approaching the girl, you must be sure that she is actually well.. approachable. Make sure that she looks attractive enough for your standards. While attractiveness may be seen as trivial or not important, remember that the human mind likes good looking women, so your compatibility will be strained if you don't find her attractive. Make sure she is well kept. This means that when you approach her you don't instantly start gagging from the smell of stale cigarettes and Body Odor. Make sure that she is well groomed, or at least clean.

    2. The Approach- Once you find your girl, take a good look at her. Not a creepy "I want to rape you" stare, just a nonchalant glance. The kind that says "I have four dollars in my wallet that I planned on using to buy you a drink." If she looks back, see her reaction. If she smiles, the mission is a-go. If she looks like you just crawled out of the abandoned-crack infested dumpster she lives a few blocks from, time to find a new girl. Then you walk over.

    3. Starting Conversation.- While many find pickup lines lame and cheesy, it's been proven that they work with amazing results. Don't use something lame like "If I could re-arrange the alphabet, I'd put U an-" and then stumble over from how drunk you were. Because to use a line like that, you'd have to drown a few glasses of scotch. Walk over, lean against the bar, and say something along the lines of:

    "Hey, I'm _______" This one works amazingly. As if she knows your name, she may be more inclined to get to know you.

    "I accidentally ordered two drinks, you wouldn't want one would you?"

    "Hey, you care if I sit here?" And then "I'm ______, by the way."

    4. The Personality Test- While you're talking to the girl, find out a little bit more about her. Pay attention and see if you have chemistry.

    5. The Q- Ask on date.

  • first personality <---- most girls have that so then i look how she looks...

    she needs to look at her best cuz if she loks like a monster =D <----- huge turn off XD

    eehm talk to a girl<---- she's cute and makes eye contact<---- this works mostly for outgoing guys

    cuz i'm shy I just would stare back and smile to her =D

  • Looks:

    uhhh... off the top of my head:
    - big rack
    - curvy (not fat, curvy... there is a difference)
    - round firm booty
    - hourglass figure
    - long dark hair
    - killer smile
    - great skin
    - between 5'0 to 5'6"


    - nurturing
    - sense of humour
    - easy going
    - cares about me
    - not a bitch
    - economical (i. e. she's not going to drain my wallet)
    - has similar interests
    - confidence (i. e. not whiny)
    - not lazy
    - responsible
    - compatible with my personality

    What would make me go and talk to such a girl?

    Well, she has to give me some clear indication that she wants me to come over there and talk to her. I'm not about to step into a lion's den without some strong sense that I'll make it out of there with my self-esteem in tact.

  • I love it when a woman is muscular... she has muscular thighs, arms, buttocks etc... I love it when a woman eyes have that twinkle when they talk to you... I like it when a woman get very breathy and quiet as you move closer to her or when she looks at me in such a sexual way when I am very quiet and just look at her... I love it when a woman has full lips and bites her lips or has depth in her eyes.. I love it when women go crazy when I stare at them and give my full attetion to their eyes when they talk/are silent.. also... I love the way women can burst into laughter with you spontaneously.. or when they blush when you're near them..

    muscular/athletic (thighs, calves, buttocks, abs)
    if you're tall thats a plus
    breasts don't matter

    sweet, shared passions/hobbies, caring.

  • Personality really does trump everything else for me. People can call bullshit on that if they'd like, but I really don't care.

    I usually get won over by a sense of humor, a quick wit, intelligence, and shared passions. A pretty smile and larger breasts are always great too.

  • Booty pix. Gets me every time.

  • I look for a girl whose slightly average , I don't want a real pretty girl
    i like bigger girls or any shape but girls who take care of their self
    i like great personality , a girl whose 100 percent for real not fake

  • A cutie
    Nice body shape
    I guess dats perrty much it. Probably alil bit of shyness in her as well.

    • Why shyness? (:

    • Cuz shyness are cute. I dont like loud mouth gurls cuz its perrty annoying and irritating. Basically a soft tone voice dat is. By her voice, i can tell she's a nice, shy, and sweet gurl da kind da i want in ma world <3

  • eyes, smile, personality the rest is a bonus.

  • Compatibility


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