Is my friend with benefits starting to feel more or losing interest?

So I've been dating on and off this girl for the past 2 years. We have a mutual caring for one another. So despite not being official we haven't gone more than 2 days without talking to one another. Lately, we've been more intimate than ever. Tonight we hung out. Went out for dinner and some bar to talk/have drinks. She told me that she doesn't feel like having sex tonight that she wants to just hang out and that when we have sex all the time it makes her not want to see me because she feels like thats all I want. Now in my head we are just fwb. We established that we don't want serious relationships. I barely if ever call her and might text her a few times during the day. She calls me multiple times per day as well as texts. She will often get mad at me saying it's too much like a relationship in which I remind her that she is the one that initiates conversation I only talk when I want to have fun. Now we've been on/off for 2 years. I love her madly and she knows this but I am starting to shift away from her. Especially with this arrangement I've asked her multiple times to be with me but the second another girl shows interest she gets her claws out and latches on to me for dear life. Yet again she doesn't want a relationship right now. I am simply at the point of enjoying the consistent physical aspect. I kind of gave up on the emotional part. I've debated on cutting off all ties but I love her too much... Sorry for the rambling thats what several shots of patron will do to you... thanks!


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  • I think this could be a, as I call it, a Ross and Rachel situation. She wants to own something that will never leave her in a sense, she knows that you are for lack of a better word, whipped and is using it against you. She's playing with your emotions, end it


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